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Kayla's Journey
by Alyssa
Part 4


"The twenty-five that got away," Taralon quipped from where he was leaning against a tree. They had camped near a stream for the night, and now it was morning. Seeing an Abra, Kayla had made it her personal quest to capture one, and had been trying unsuccessfully to do so for several hours now.

Cubone took its head out of the water. "Bone!" it said happily.

"Pi pikachu," Kayla's Pikachu agreed, lapping adorably at the water. Caterpie had opted to stay away from the stream, and Meowth was taking a bath in the stream.

"Yes, I'm a cat, and yes, cats hate water. But this water isn't *too* cold, and it's nice and shallow, and cats also like being clean," the cat Pokemon nipped Taralon's remark in the bud. "Besides, Kayla likes water."

Kayla came back at that moment, looking much the worse for wear. But she was holding a Pokeball and grinning triumphantly.

"You caught one?" Taralon said in surprise.

"Yep! Didn't help a whole lot that I didn't have any of my Pokemon with me,--" she glared meaningfully at Meowth, Pikachu, and Caterpie "-- but I figured out how to do it. You have to sneak up behind them and hit them over the head, which has the effect of both weakening them *and* getting their psychic powers in a muddle, and then before they can recover and teleport away, you hit 'em with the Pokeball."

"Great tactic! Maybe now you can head off to capture Mewtwo!" Meowth joked.



Taralon put his head in his hands. 'Why me?' he thought.

"Pipipika, pika pika pikachu?" Pikachu asked eagerly. Roughly translated: "Kayla, when are we going to Cerulean City?"

Trainers all generally have a good idea of what their Pokemon say to them. Kayla could understand every word hers said - at least, she could understand her Pikachu. That was because Ash had taught her how to understand Pikachus.

"Right now, if you want," she grinned at the electric mouse. She held out two Pokeballs. "Into the balls now," she instructed Pikachu and Caterpie. They were sucked in. Taralon called Cubone back, and the two humans and the Meowth moved on.

"What Pokemon are you gonna use against the Cerulean leader?" Taralon asked.

"Pikachu, probably," Kayla replied. "Caterpie's not likely to have a real good chance, and I can't quite picture Meowth fighting water Pokemon," she added with a chuckle.

Meowth looked visibly relieved. The trio moved onwards to Cerulean.


"I think this is it."

"Gee, Kayla, what was your first clue? The water Pokemon painted all over the walls? The sign saying "Cerulean City Gym"?"

"Shut up." Kayla climbed the steps of the gym, and was instantly confronted by a girl with blue hair and blue eyes, wearing all blue.

"Are you here to fight for a Cascade Badge?" she asked.

"Ah, yeah, that would be my intention," Kayla said. "Who's the Gym Leader?"

"Drina. She studied under Misty, the greatest water Pokemon trainer ever, so you better be strong!"

Kayla yawned. "Ho hum. Misty is my mother. Can I come in and earn my second badge now?"

The girl blinked several times. "You're Misty's daughter?"

"Yep. And my dad's Ash Ketchum. Now can I PL--"


"YES, the Pokemon Master. Can I come in now??"

The girl hurriedly stepped aside, allowing Kayla in. The redhead looked behind her, and saw Taralon on the ground, doubled over in laughter.

"Bite your tongue," she growled at him, before entering the gym. Taralon collected himself and sat down on a nearby bench, still giggling.


The gym was exactly how her mother had described it, Kayla noticed. She called out, her voice ringing in the empty pool area.

"Drina, I challenge you!" she screamed.

A young woman came out of the shadows. She was dressed in a silk tunic that was sea-green at the shoulders, fading to royal blue in the middle, and from there to dark purple. She also wore sea-green leggings and blue boots. Bright green eyes stared out from under wavy blue hair. "I accept. Your name, challenger?"

"Kayla Ketchum of Pallet Town!"

"Any relation to Ash?"

"Yeah, he's my father!"

The Leader didn't seem all that impressed.

"I supposed as much. Well, Kayla Ketchum, blood is one thing, but skill is another. We will fight, two against two."

"two?" Kayla said weakly. She ran over her mental inventory of Pokemon. Pikachu, Abra, Caterpie, and Meowth. Abras didn't usually learn a whole lot of attacks until they evolved into Kadabras, Caterpie would be next to worthless against a Gym Leader, and Meowth probably wouldn't be able to fight. She gulped.

'I *knew* I should've looked for a Bellsprout,' she thought weakly.

"Do you still wish to challenge?"


Drina nodded and leapt onto one of the floating platforms in the pool. Kayla did the same. Drina threw a Pokeball.

"Staryu, gooooo!"

"Pikachu, I choose you!"

The Pokemon were released.

"Staryu, Water Gun!"

"Pikachu, Thundershock!"

The Water Gun hit, but so did the Thundershock. Staryu was neatly fried, but still going.

"Staryu, Recover!"

"Oh, kuso..." Kayla muttered as the Staryu regained its health.

"Pikachu, Thunder Wave!"


"Staaaaar..." Staryu was paralyzed.

"Giku! Staryu... uh... Swift!"

"Pikachu, Thundershock!"

Pikachu scored a critical hit on Staryu which was made even stronger by the element advantage, and Staryu's paralysis made it unable to attack that turn. Staryu was in low health, and Drina was worried.

"Staryu, Recover!" she begged.

Kayla smirked. Paralyzed Pokemon always went last in battle. The next hit would take it out, regardless. "Pikachu, finish it. Quick Attack!"

Pikachu moved in a blur, tackling the Staryu, which promptly fainted. Drina growled.

"Staryu, return!" she commanded. "That was only the first battle. We shall see how you fare against... Vaporeon, go!"

'Vaporeon... oooh! I wish I could just finish this thing off with Pikachu... no way I'm bringing out Abra, he only knows Teleport and Confusion! And Caterpie's too weak...' "Pikachu, return. I hate to say it, buddy, but... I choose Meowth!"

"MEEEEEOWTH, what gave you THAT idea??" he choked.

Drina laughed harshly. "A cat against water Pokemon? Ha!"

Meowth bristled and leapt onto one of the battle platforms, facing Vaporeon.

"Vaporeon, Water Gun!"

"Meowth, dodge it and give it a Scratch!"

Meowth attempted to dodge, but wasn't fast enough. He screeched as he got soaked, then put all his fury behind his attack. Vaporeon reeled.

"Vaporeon, Tail Whip!"

"Vap!" The water Pokemon's strong swimming tail swung around, hitting Meowth and knocking him into the water.


"Grrr! Vaporeon, it's your Pay Day! No need to cash a check, we'll pay in coins! Meowth, do it!"

Meowth leapt out of the water and landed on another platform. The capsule appeared in his paw, and he flung it at Vaporeon. It hit the water-type, exploding and scattering coins everywhere. He scored a critical hit on Vaporeon.


"Shimatta! Vaporeon, Quick Attack!"

"Meowth, give it your best Bite!"

Meowth was hit by the Quick Attack when he attempted to dodge, but he was still going. Putting all his strength behind it, he bit Vaporeon.


The water Pokemon was in red health.

"Meowth, finish it off. Another Bite!"

"Vaporeon, hurry! Water Gun!"

Vaporeon opened its mouth and released the stream of water at Meowth, who nearly fainted from the hit. Mustering his strength, he bit Vaporeon. The water-type cried out and slumped to the platform in a faint.

"I WIN!!!" Kayla screamed triumphantly, jumping to the platform Meowth was on and hugging him.

"Vaporeon, return," Drina said quietly, returning Vaporeon to its Pokeball. "So. Your father's skill as a trainer is also within you. You have rightfully earned this badge." She leapt out of the pool, and Kayla did the same, running up to the Leader.

"Thank you so much!"

Drina smiled. "You're welcome." She drew a Cascade Badge from her pocket and handed it to a broadly grinning Kayla. Meowth climbed up to Kayla's shoulders to free her arms, so she could pin the badge inside her jacket.

The Gym Leader shook Kayla's hand.

"I believe you will go far as a trainer... perhaps you shall replace your father as Pokemon Master."

Kayla grinned. "Maybe!"


"Sooo, how'd it go? Did you suffer a crushing defeat?" Taralon asked dryly as Kayla left the Gym.

"Oh, ye of little faith," Kayla grinned, showing the Cascade Badge. "I beat her! She wanted a two-on-two..."

"Which was your second Pokemon?"

"Yours truly," Meowth complained from his perch on Kayla's shoulder.

Taralon's eyebrows went up. "Whoa."

"I figure he'll either have an abnormal phobia of water from now on, or he'll be used to it," Kayla grinned.

"On to Vermilion, then?"

"On to Vermilion!" Kayla thrust a fist into the air. "I, Kayla Ketchum, hereby swear that I WILL become the second Pokemon Master!"

Taralon sighed, sweatdropping. She was a Ketchum, alright. With all the enthusiasm that came with it.


Kayla sat on a cliff, watching the beautiful sunset on the ocean. Everything seemed beautiful, peaceful, and serene. Meowth sat next to her. Taralon approached behind the two.

"I thought we were heading to Vermilion?" he asked.

Kayla turned to look at him, and Taralon gasped. The ruddy light of the sunset made beautiful highlights on her orangish hair, illuminating her entire face in a breathtaking way.

"What is it?" she asked of the stunned boy.

"N-nothing," he stuttered.

"Oh." Kayla returned her attention to the sunset. "Even I couldn't pass this up. It's too beautiful."

Taralon was about to say something when he noticed a sight few people see. A Lapras was swimming serenely through the water.

"Kayla!" he said. "Look! A Lapras!"

"*WHAT??*" Kayla stared at the Lapras. "I gotta catch one!" She paused, then sighed. "But none of my Pokemon have a chance against a Lapras, even Pikachu."

Meowth stood up and cupped his paws around his mouth. "MEEEEOOOOOOWWWTH! MEOWTH MEOWTH MEOW OWTH MEOWTH!" he called to the Lapras. It stopped, looking in the group's direction, and began to swim to them.

Kayla was stunned. 'Hey, if it worked for Dad, it can work for me,' she thought. The Lapras had approached the cliff.

"Lapra lapras," it said calmly up to them. "Lap lap lapras pras."

"Meowth owth owth meow meow meowth meeeowth?"

The Lapras thought it over, and then nodded. "Lapras," it said.

"Okay, Kayla, you can throw the Pokeball now. It's agreed to come with us."

Kayla blinked several times, stunned, and then took an empty Pokeball from her belt, throwing it down at the Lapras. It hit, and the Pokeball floated into her hands. Lapras wasn't even trying to struggle. Kayla smiled.

"I GOT LAPRAS!" she cheered, dancing around with Pokeball in hand. She threw it down to the ocean again. "Lapras, go!" Once Lapras was released, Kayla jumped down and landed on its shell, Meowth clinging to her jacket. The cat Pokemon transferred to Lapras' shell, holding on for dear life.

"Hey, Taralon!" she called up to Taralon, who was taking a path down to the shore. "Wanna ride?"

He eyed the water surrounding Lapras and twitched. "No thanks... I don't like water."

Kayla shrugged. "Your loss," she said. She rode Lapras out into the sea, quite happy.

Until Meowth thought it would be funny to push her off Lapras and into the water. Kayla stuggled up to the surface and glared Dragon Rage at Meowth. A Krabby was clinging to her nose. Meowth laughed hysterically.

"Dat's dot fuddy," she muttered. "Shud ub before I push you id too." She grabbed another Pokeball and whacked it against the Krabby, which was then sucked inside. She then proceeded to hold the Pokeball shut to guarantee it wouldn't escape. It finally conceded capture and stopped struggling. Kayla hauled herself back onto Lapras' back.

"Okay, Lapras, take us to shore. I'm ready to go to Vermilion City now."


And so, Kayla's Pokemon Journey continues. What challenge will she face next?

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